Warrior Cycles

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Warrior cycles screenshot.png

Warrior Cycles is a programming game for the Amiga by Rico Mariana. Players write a program to control a Tron-style light cycle. Up to 6 cycles are placed in an arena.


Rico Mariana presented Warrior Cycles in Amiga Transactor volume 1, issue 1, April 1988. A bug fix was published in volume 1, issue 2, June 1988.


Cycle programs can be written in any language and communicate with the server via messages.

Register(colour) Join the game
Retire() Leave the game
Inquire(x,y) Check if cell x,y is filled
Look(direction) Check if the cell in direction is filled
GetScreenMem() Returns a point to a bitmap image of the arena
GetInfo(x,y,direction) Returns current position and direction
Direction(direction) Move in direction
Await() Wait for next round

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