The Biological Evolution Game

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The Biological Evolution Game is a programming game where the aim is to create a replicating HDNA strand.


The Biological Evolution Game was printed as a listing for the Compukit UK101 computer in the January 1982 issue of Practical Computing and also published by John Leach / Dola Software.


Code Instruction Description
AA BRK stop
AC CUT cut strand and complement
AG DEL delete base and complement
AT SWI switch strands
CA MVR move right, copying complement
CC MVL move left, copying complement
CG COP turn on copy mode
CT OFF turn off copy mode
GA INA insert A (and T to complement)
GC INC insert C (and G to complement)
GG ING insert G (and C to complement)
GT INT insert T (and A to complement)
TA RPY seek pyrimidine to right
TC RPU seek purine to right
TG LPY seek pyrimidine to left
TT LPU seek purine to left