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CROBOTS is a game played by up to four programs which control a simulated battle robot. Programs are written in a subset of the C programming language.



In December 1985 Tom Poindexter released CROBOTS as shareware. The distribution included a DOS binary with source code in C available to registered users. In 1989 David Wright released a port for the Commodore Amiga. In 2013, the source code was released under the GPL License.


Robots are damaged by collisions or when a missile explodes within 40m. A robot is destroyed when it reaches 100% damage. A robot's maximum speed is 100.

The maximum range for missiles is 700m. Only two missiles can be in the air at any time.


The arena is 1000×1000m with the origin at the bottom left. 0° is to the right, increasing anti-clockwise.


  • scan(degrees,resolution)
  • cannon(degrees,range)
  • drive(degrees,speed)
  • damage()
  • speed()
  • loc_x()
  • loc_y()
  • rand(limit)
  • sqrt(number)
  • sin(degrees)
  • cos(degrees)
  • tan(degrees)
  • atan(ratio)

Inspired By

Inspiration For


  • CROBOTS 3D -- allows robots to be able to be programmed with the same code, and adds 3D graphics to combat.

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