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Vindinium is an Artificial Intelligence programming challenge. You have to take the control of a legendary hero using the programming language of your choice. You will fight with other AI for a predetermined number of turns and the hero with the greatest amount of gold will win.



Vindinium is a multi-player turn based dungeon crawling game. Each player has one hero that can move across a map. The objective is for players to amass the maximum quantity of gold during a predetermined number of turns. Players must take control of gold mines to produce gold; however, gold mines are protected by goblins. When a player defeats a goblin, he becomes owner of the gold mine and receives one gold per turn. Furthermore, the goblin now defends the mine against other players.

Heroes can fight each other. The survivor gets control of all his opponent's gold mines. The killed hero is immediately respawned with all his gold, but no mine.

When going to the tavern, heroes can buy beers for gold, restoring their life points.

The objective is to create a computer program (a bot) that plays the game of Vindinium as intelligently as possible. It is recommended that you use one of the starter packages as a starting point.


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