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Robo Arena

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Robo Arena (formerly known as War and Peace) consists of arena battles and tournaments with robots. You start off in a robot factory you have recently inherited from a relative that passed away (Harvest Moon, anyone?) and a guide of sorts that teaches you how to construct your first robot. Construction consists of three phases:

~ Hardware Design ~ This involves using a computer terminal to place armor/weapons/accessories on various locations of the robot. There are a limited amount of slots, so a degree of consideration is needed in design.

~ Software Design ~ This is where you 'write the code' that your robot will carry out during its battles. During battle, the robots are completely autonomous... so while your robot may not be the most spectacularly outfitted, it could certainly have an advantage of wits. The code design is very user-friendly and starts by placing a 'Start' command on the program grid. You then choose a direction of 'Flow', which tells the program what command to carry out next... followed by the command you wish to carry out and so forth. Some more complex programs can be written with some random possibility commands and multiple flow directions, but sometimes the simplest program gets the job done well.

~ Construction ~ Once you have your Hardware and Software design created and saved, you can proceed to the Factory to have your robot constructed.

Upon acquiring your first robot, you then head out to the first arena... and as you win more battles you gain Credits and Reputation to unlock the more challenging arenas. There is also a city to pick up odd jobs for extra credits (and maybe unique hardware or software).