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Prog&Play is a library designed for Real Time Strategy games (RTS). It enables player to program easily and interactively units of the video game. Currently, Prog&Play is integrated into Kernel Panic, a multiplayer RTS. The Prog&Play library is actually available in: C, Java, Ocaml, Ada, Scratch and Python.

Prog&Play and Kernel Panic enable to design serious games for programming practice. Two serious games have been designed:

  • The first (Kernel Panic Campaign) immerses the player into an original scenario where s/he must program Bits, Bytes and Assemblers in order to raise an army and topple enemy. The game scenario is divided into missions that take him/her around the story and bring him/her toward the final objective.

  • The second(Byte Battle) puts the player in competition with an other player (that can be played by computer). Each player controls the same number of Bytes. The objective consists in destroying all enemy Bytes. The end of the game depends on the strategy planned and its implementation.

Prog&Play is free and open source.


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