The Biological Evolution Game

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The Biological Evolution Game is a programming game where the aim is to create a replicating HDNA strand.

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The Biological Evolution Game was printed as a listing for the Compukit UK101 computer in the January 1982 issue of Practical Computing and also published by John Leach / Dola Software.



ACCUTcut strand and complement
AGDELdelete base and complement
ATSWIswitch strands
CAMVRmove right, copying complement
CCMVLmove left, copying complement
CGCOPturn on copy mode
CTOFFturn off copy mode
GAINAinsert A (and T to complement)
GCINCinsert C (and G to complement)
GGINGinsert G (and C to complement)
GTINTinsert T (and A to complement)
TARPYseek pyrimidine to right
TCRPUseek purine to right
TGLPYseek pyrimidine to left
TTLPUseek purine to left