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RARS, or Robot Auto Racing Simulation, is a simulation of auto racing in which the cars are driven by robots. Its purpose is two-fold: to serve as a vehicle for Artificial Intelligence development and as a recreational competition among software authors. The host software, including C++ source, is available at no charge.

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RARS was originally developed by Mitchell E. Timin and released in January 1995. The current version is for DOS (Borland), Linux, Windows (MS Visual C++). The "UNIX" version uses X Windows for display, and has been known to run on Ultrix, SunOS, OSF/1 (DEC Alpha), Linux, and probably a few more. Older or different versions exist for OS/2, DJGPP, AIX, Symantec, Amiga, Macintosh, Watcom and Java.

The status of RARS is inactive and its website refers to TORCS as a more modern alternative.


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