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Netrobots is an arena game that bots and a server can be hosted over a network. Robots are programmed in C/C++ code compiled by your compiler. The software is released under the GPL License.



Created in 2009 as group project for C programming class at the University of Lugano.


Comparison to CROBOTS

The game is mostly based on CROBOTS, with the following main differences: 1) the game logic was designed from scratch based on the CROBOTS manual; bugs and exact timings of CROBOTS are not emulated. 2) the robots run concurrently rather than in time sharing; this means that doing math is basically free in the robots. 3) the shooting and scanning angles are measured clockwise to allow using the C library's sin/cos/atan functions. 4) divisions by zero will *crash* the robot(kill it) rather than restart it.
-- from Netrobots README file


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