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2012/12/17 08:05 by
Target OSes
Nice wiki, I really like the collection. What I'm missing is a hint for which OSes a game is available. Some tags like DOS, Windows, OSX, Linux, Java, Web-based would be really useful if you don't only want to read about a game but actually play it.
2014/02/05 19:37 by Voidious
Re: Target OSes
Seems like a great idea. I'd love to see more of a community form around this site.
2013/04/21 18:34 by
I have created a new Programming Game
Hi guys, I have developed a new programming game called Mouse Run and I hope to get help garner support for it. It is written in Java and it is open source. The game can be downloaded from here.

2013/10/30 23:51 by ecank
New programming game: CengBall
Hi, We are in a new programming game project, namely Cengball. This project provides a football game platform which allows users to integrate their own artificial intelligence to the game. Platform will simulate the game using the supplied AIs. Users will be given guides to be able to program their players in the game.

We can share improvements later, project is brand-new and now in development actually.
2014/05/20 05:18 by em2
Source of the Wike page?
Hi, long time from my last contribution 2011 I think :D ahmm, I'm afraid that the page no longer exists. I come from time to time to see what new games. And test new games...

If possible to have source of the wikipage? a link to download compress wiki. I don't want the page ceases to exist for some reason... you can do it GPL or something like that for mirroring and stuff... you know.

Regards, J

2018/01/05 10:33 by
Re: Source of the Wike page?
I agree on this point! Would be a pity to lose this wiki that has a lot of potential. Pier4r
2018/02/11 23:33 by
2018/03/08 11:52 by
Re: lists
Nice idea to collect other "collections"!
2019/03/07 06:18 by
Missing games
Human resource machine Infinifactory

No time to add them right now, i'm on mobile