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Welcome to the Programming Games Wiki, a community site for programming game addicts. In a programming game players write programs to compete against each other. Feel free to add anything on-topic or just chat about the games on the discussion page.


Early Programming Games

  • The earlier known programming games is Darwin, played on an IBM 7090 mainframe at Bell Labs.

  • The earliest reference to Core War, 15 years before the version invented by A. K. Dewdney.

  • Silas Warner's first version of RobotWar on the PLATO system.


  • Modern Core War was introduced by A K Dewdney in Scientific American.
  • DROID was developed at Reichhold Chemicals as a teaching aid.
  • Robot Arena was published for the RM 380Z series of computers by SPA Publishing.
  • Robot Odyssey was release by The Learning Company for the PC, Apple II and TRS-80 Color Computer.

  • CROBOTS was published as shareware by Tom Poindexter.
  • ARENA was released as shareware by Richard Brown.

  • David Malmberg released P-Robots.
  • Xtank was published by Terry Donahue.





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Featured Programming Games



RobotWar was the first commercial programming game, originally written by Silas Warner for PLATO. In 1981 RobotWar was published for the Apple II by MUSE Software.


OMEGA was a commercial game for the Amiga, Apple II, Atari ST, Commodore 64 and PC. OMEGA was designed by Stuart Marks and published by Origin Systems in 1989.
Core War

Core War

Core War was introduced by A. K. Dewdney in Scientific American. The game Dewdney described has since been extended and implemented on a number of systems.
Color Robot Battle

Color Robot Battle

Color Robot Battle was a commercial game for the Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer, designed and written by Glenn Sogge and Del Ogren.


Programming Games of Note

AI Fleet CommanderAI programs control space fleets which battle in a simulated universe
A.I. Wars (The Insect Mind)up to 10 programs control a robot
ARobotsup to 6 programs control a robot
A-Robotsanother assembler language based robot fight variant
AT-Robotsup to 32 programs control a robot
BattlecodeMIT Programming Competition
Beta the GameOpen Environment Platform Programming Game
BF Jousttwo programs battle in a shared memory array
BitbathA real time strategy game where your code does the fighting.
Bug Brainis a game where you build brains to run a bug.
c-jumpComputer Programming Board Game.
Carnage Heartis a video game for the PlayStation.
CeebotEnhanced version of Colobot. A series of exercises to programming robots
ChipWitsProgram Robots using graphic chips.
Circuit Coder
Code of Tanks3-D tank battle game where you code your tank's AI in .NET
Colobotprogramming robots to undertake a series of expeditions in 3D
Color Robot Battletwo programs control a robot
Combat ZoneAI controlled tanks battle it out in an arena
Core Wartwo or more programs battle in a virtual computer
CoreLifeup to 4 programs battle in a virtual computer
Corewars 8086
CROBOTSup to 4 programs control a robot
CROBOTS 3DThere is no difference from the old CROBOTS in the game rules, even the old robot versions (90s) can be loaded.
cube-composerA puzzle game inspired by functional programming.
Darwintwo or more programs battle in computer memory
DROIDup to 7 programs control a robot
DroidBattlesup to 8 programs control a robot
Fight Code Gameweb based robot battle
Final Fantasy XIIconsole role-playing game for the PlayStation 2 and a sequel, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, released for the Nintendo DS.
Fix the FactoryFree LEGO Mindstorm Games
GalaxyFXup to 4 programs control a spacecraft to harvest minerals
GNU Robots
Grobotsa game in which multiple robots eat, fight, and reproduce under the control of programs written by the players.
Gateis a puzzle game about logic.
Human Resource Machineis a visual programming-based puzzle game developed by Tomorrow Corporation.
HR2tower building game with programmable robots.
Infinifactoryis a puzzle video game developed by Zachtronics Industries.
JS Robots
JArmyplayed team of robots, programmed by reacting on events from env.
Light BotLight Bot 1 and 2. Control a robot by giving it commands. Use programmer-style logic for more complex levels that include functions to re-use.
ManufactoidBuild a factory. Requires a you to both think like an engineer and write Lua code to control your factory
Marionette Handlerconsole game for the Dreamcast. Marionette Handler 1 and 2.
NessBots3d web robots coding game. PvP, co-op, single player campaign, and much much more!
Netrobotsa networked arena robot game
Oortfleets of spacecraft battle to control the universe
P-Robotsup to 4 programs control a robot
Parachuting RobotsA classic programming puzzle
PlanetWarstwo programs try to conquer planets in a simulated solar system
Prog&Playprogramming units of a real time strategy game
RARSRobot Auto Racing Simulation
RGBattleAction RTS programming game
Robo-Arenasingle player rpg where one program controls your robot
RobocodeJava or .NET programs control your tank robot in arena. Build the best - destroy the rest!
RobocomIs a very simple visual programming language by programming your own robot.
RoboRallyBoard game
RoboSportMaxis developed this game for DOS, Macintosh and Windows 3.x. In 1992, it was released for the Amiga.
Robot Battle
Robot Odysseyplayed by several CMOS programs solving puzzles
RobotWarup to 5 programs control a robot
Snake Battle
StarCraft Brood WarStarcraft AI Competition
TclRobotstwo or more programs control a robot
TIS-100solve small coding puzzles in the assembly language of a multi-processor virtual computer.
Web Based Robot Programming Game