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Mouse Run

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Mouse Run is a simple Programming game written in the Java programming language. The game is Open Source software ever since its release on April 21, 2013. The game revolves around mice navigating a maze to search and consume cheese while competing with others. The mouse that consumes the most cheese wins. Each of these mouse is programmable and the game host will move the mouse using the logic that is supplied by the programmer.


Game Play

In order to create a Mouse for the game, the programmer is required to create a java class that will represent the Mouse and provide the logic to it. Depending on the current grid of the maze, the mouse is able to move up, down, left and/or right. The mouse can also plant a bomb at the grid to hinder another mouse progress. The decision to move or to plant a bomb is part of the logic.

A script is provided in each release to help the programmers to compile all their mouse implementations and move them to the host directory. When the game starts, the game host will detect all of the mouse implementations and each mouse will be represented on the maze. The logic of the mouse will determine it's movement on the maze.



  1. The game is customizable. Players can set the size of the maze and the number of cheese to play for.
  2. The game does not impose any restriction in the number of mouse playable in the game. The game will host all mouse implementations detected.


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