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Support is practically no-existent2015/02/14 22:47 by
Running the Windows binary (0.6.2) (no install option available) says there are no mods for 'x' language. Yet in the ./mods folder, there are several folders pertaining to each language - so these must be 'mods'. The ./Scripts directory implies support for at least 30 other languages - yet I have not been able to find ONE single mod, even for languages that Laby has default support for! But since Laby doesn't recognize the mods anyway... There is No Windows manual available that I can find - the closest one I've been able to track down is for the Linux version. Running the '--help' option on the WIN CLI doesn't help - it only runs text too fast to see, then exits. Printing the doc to a text file failed too. Laby's page on github is the closest thing to a homepage - yet there's no contact info readily available, nor is there a maillist (I've searched for that too). Finding 'contact info' involves digging into one of the text files in the 'source'. And sending an email does not guarantee a response. Any 'version' 0.6.3 and later is source code only. Which means I have to get GCC or an equivalent and hope I can have an error-free session of compiling buggy C code.