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INJECTION is a programming game written in Python 3. It was originally created by Reddit user http://reddit.com/u/TOASTEngineer/u/TOASTEngineer for the Pyweek 19 game jam.

Redirecting a missile in INJECTION

Gameplay in INJECTION takes place on two "screens" that can be flipped between with the semicolon key. The main screen is an ASCII-art display of the level; the player is represented by an @ symbol, which must make its way to the symbol at the end of the level. Pressing semicolon from this screen brings up the "injection console," which is an emulation of the Python REPL - essentially a command line that takes Python statements. The injection console has access to a subset of the objects that are present in the level, and the player must use it to manipulate those objects to make the level in the main screen winnable.

It is a free, open source game, and it can be downloaded from http://schilcote.itch.io/injectionitch.io