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Code of Tanks

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Code of Tanks is a live PvP sci-fi tank battle game for programming enthusiasts and students. You write your tank's AI in .NET (e.g., C#, Visual Basic, etc.) and challenge others on a 3-D battlefield.

Matches can be played whenever two or more people are running the game at the same time. (Game connections and matches are automatically hosted and managed by remote servers.) The game features a lobby where players are gathered when they first enter the game, and rooms created by players where matches are played. You can join an existing room or create a new one in order to play a match. You can also create a private room in order to work on tank programs and test them before entering them in a match against other players.

The Application Programming Interface (API) for controlling a tank allows it to turn and move, as well as move and fire its weapon and other actions. Tanks can receive information about their surroundings in order to navigate around or destroy obstacles, attack enemies, flee, or otherwise react. They can also communicate with other tanks by sending arbitrary messages to coordinate actions and plan strategy. Sample tank classes are available that demonstrate these features and how to write tank AI.

Website: http://codeoftanks.com/