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Welcome to cellhack.netCellHack. This started as a fun game around the office, and we have decided to take it public and let you all join in.

So what exactly is CellHack? Put simply, you are the master of a colony of cells. Your colony will be placed in an arena with three other colonies, and all will compete to create the largest population. This is achieved by writing a function that will be executed by each of your cells every turn. The cells are not very complex: they have simple memories, and can look around, move, split, and attack their neighbors. From these building blocks, you must design an algorithm that will lead your colony to victory by any means necessary. Think of it as a cross between the simulation game Life and BattleBots, all done in C.

We have provided some sample functions for you to test yourself against, and you can also test yourself against other functions you write. On May 12th, at 5pm Eastern, we will have a competition to see which functions reign supreme. The competition will be held live at Jailbreak Brewing in Laurel, MD and streamed via Twitch.tv. We hope to see you in person or online, and look forward to seeing how your solutions match up against each other (and maybe even a few of our own favorites).

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