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CeeBot is a game programming, which aims to programming robots using the language of C-BOT in order to perform certain tasks. A brand new concept with which you will learn programming while having fun. The programming language you'll use is very similar to those used by professional programmers to develop their products. CeeBot introduces many modern concepts found in today's most popular environments like C++, C# or Java. After teaching you the syntax of CeeBot, progressive exercises will lead you to use important concepts such as variables, loops, conditional branching, functions, classes, objects, etc.

CeeBot is a continuation of the game Colobot , but between those two games, there are some differences. The main difference is the abandonment of mode feature, leaving only the programming exercise and the inability to manually control the robot. To C-BOT has also been added that allows the user to perform repeat the loop a certain number of times and added instructions to allow robots to draw lines with a certain color and thickness. Other differences are specific to a particular version of the game Ceebot, such as changing the name of the function of the drive motor. Physics of the game has been modified, with the consequence that some of the programs written for the game Colobot may not work in CeeBot.

CeeBot is ideal for adolescents and adults. Lifesize robots are programmed in outside environments on various planets. A cosmonaut represents the player and allows you to observe and resolve problems.
The principle themes treated in this software are repetitions, conditional options, variables, arrays, functions and classes.

You can use CeeBot as a game to learn programming, or to teach programming at middle school, high school and university. You will use a programming language close to Java, C++ and C# to program robots that will solve various tasks ranging from finding the way out of a labyrinth over car racing, programming the A.I for playing soccer to Arena fighting. CeeBot is a complete programming course that will do most of the teaching by itself. The teacher's task (if there is one) will be mainly to assist the students in difficulty, allowing the students to progress each at his or her own pace.


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CeeBot is a 3D strategy game where you learn programming. Was developed and released commercially by Epsitec SA in 13 June 2005.


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