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0x10c is an upcoming space simulation by Mojang. It features a ship computer with a special (artificial) CPU called DCPU-16. The DCPU-16 is a 16bit CPU with 64k words of memory (16-bit words). The player is able to write programs for this CPU that will run at 100khz.

The game is supposed to play in an alternative universe where the development of space travel has been advanced to a much greater extend than in our current world. In contrast to this enormous development in space travel the development of computer technology did not advance as fast as it was the case with our real universe. Basically, you start the game with computer technology that roughly correpsonds to the stuff that was available in the eighties.

You can use the DCPU to control the ship and some devices within the ship. The full possibilities are unknown as the game is still in development.

The game doesn't come with a compiler. It may have an official assembler. But it is really up to the game community to come up with programming languages and compilers for the game and share or trade them.

Note: The game was eventually indefinitely postponed, however, as Markus Persson lost interest in the project and opted to concentrate on smaller projects. The game has now been completely canceled. Source: http://www.geek.com/games/notch-indefintely-shelves-mojangs-space-game-0x10c-1565266/ However, some fan started the "Project Trillek" trying to make another game that re-create the 0x10c.

Main website: http://0x10c.com/ Project Trillek website: http://trillek.org/